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WASHINGTON (MAY 6) -- The Howard University College of Medicine unveiled its new, state-of-the art Clinical Skills Center to alumni, faculty and friends during Commencement Week at the University.


The center, located on the second floor of the Seeley G. Mudd Building, allows medical, nursing, pharmacy and allied health students, residents training at Howard University Hospital and medical fellows a chance to practice treating patients in a controlled environment.

It was built under the direction of College of Medicine Dean Robert Taylor.

“Medical education today requires clinical experiences early on in medical school,” Taylor said. “This requires a structured environment for that experience. Practicing with simulated patients is state of the art.

“This brings our medical program into the 21st century. We have integrated this clinical experience throughout the four years of the medical school.”

Tamara L. Owens, director of the center, said the facility is top notch.

“In terms of equipment, technology and its flexibility as a teaching tool, this facility compares favorably with any clinical skills center in the world,” Owens said. “It allows us to continue giving students the highest quality education, so they can carry on the legacy established by other health care professionals from Howard University.”

The 5,000 square foot facility includes 10 patient examination rooms, an observation room, a master control room, a conference room and a break area.

The examination rooms are fully equipped to simulate a doctor’s office. They also have cameras and a microphone to record students for later review by students and professors. The observation room allows faculty to watch students and provide immediate feedback.

The conference room seats 35 and includes teleconference capabilities. The master control room is the central location for managing the technology for the center.